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 ❤︎ What impact do you want your career to have on the music industry?

 ❤︎ How can you partner and collaborate with others to spread your message?

 ❤︎ How can you give attention to your mind, body, and health
so you can perform at your best?

 ❤︎ What can you do to get even better at what it is you do?

 ❤︎ How are you organizing all that you do (social media, touring, your website)?


These are all questions that only YOU can answer for yourself. Reading books, networking, and asking others for advice will only get you so far. To fulfill your true potential you have to show up for yourself. You have to do the hard work. You have to ask and answer the hard questions. Only then will you be able to get to the next level!

As a member you get access to a variety of resources to help and inspire you to find answers to all the questions (and more)above. We all know it's important to focus on ourselves and do the work, but sometimes we need a little guidance and accountability, right? That's exactly what the Bestie Membership is here for... and we're so excited to have you become part of our community.

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I recently secured a paying job working with a musician [something that I've always wanted to do AND this will be the first client for my freelance biz that I just started :)!]. I have been working hard to help me get to this point, but I wouldn't have been able to do it all or do it so quickly and efficiently if it hadn't been for you and Music Biz Besties.

- Krystal Beasley, &

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The bestie membership will give you instant access to...

Monthly workbooks, videos, live online workshops, guest expert interviews, AND over $100 worth of digital products and courses.

Monthly Workbooks

Monthly Workbooks & Workshops*

Every month the Bestie Membership focuses on a specific topic. Download and print the "word of the month" workbooks to learn how to apply new strategies to your music career.

Website Course

DIY Website Course*

Whether you're an artist or in the industry - these days everyone needs a website! Learn everything from how to set up your Squarespace account and how to choose your brand colors to how to layout your website content through various video tutorials and worksheets!

Planning Resources

Planning Resources*

The Bestie Membership planners will help you set goals, plan social media content, and organize your tour details.


Guest Experts*

Once a month you can join in on a live Bestie Chat interview with a guest expert on topics from career growth, management, recording studio preparation, branding, and so much more!

FB Group

Facebook Group

Private Facebook community to find co-writes, open mics, jobs, make new friends, learn, ask for help, give advice, and most of all empower one another through music!


Job Forum

Search music business job, internship, and volunteer opportunities. Subscribe to get updates with new listings every Monday.



Music Biz Besties hosts monthly events including a Songwriter Series, co-working meetups, and other special events.

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Bestie Directory

Create your own profile and search for others to collaborate with, hire, or meet in your city.

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