Lori Hinze

Artist Manager at Kylie Odetta Music and Publishing LLC

Greenville, SC

Lori Hinze, artist manager

I have been managing the music career of Kylie Odetta (Indie/pop/singer/songwriter/pianist) for over 6 years now. I handle the daily activities of booking shows, media appointments and philanthropic engagements, scheduling studio and music activities, managing all press inquiries and music licensing and general business just to name a few of my many responsibilities.

Graduate of Clemson University 1992

I have always worked in the area/field of marketing, advertising and public relations.

Co-Owner of family business Purple Tuna Tees Inc. (Greenville, SC)

I joined Music Biz Besties to network and meet fellow ladies in the music business so that we can lift each other and support one another and share and learn all at the same time.