Daniella Shaw

Johannesburg, South Africa

Singer, Songwriter, Sound and Audio Engineering Student
SAE Institute

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Daniella Shaw

My name is Dan and I am a 25 y/o singer/songwriter from Johannesburg, South Africa.
I am currently studying a degree in Sound and Audio Engineering at The SAE Institute in Johannesburg.
After the completion of my EP 'The Smoke' in 2017, I have had a burning desire to take my musical knowledge and ability to the next level and I feel empowered everyday knowing that I'm working towards that goal.
I love sharing knowledge, connecting people and collaborating in all aspects of my life.
Life is beautiful and it should be celebrated everyday, I just happen to do that through music the most.

I joined Music Biz Besties because I think it’s a fantastic way for us to support one another as female’s in a predominantly male dominated field.