Jennifer Vazquez

Soul Mending Maverick Sharing Unbreakable Truths

Nashville, TN

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Jennifer Vazquez

Sixteen-time ASCAPlu$ Award Winner Jennifer Vazquez is an infectious triple threat: inspirational singer/songwriter, vibrant musician, and illustrious performer. Her sound and energy resonates three fold with pop, folk-rock and country audiences worldwide. Jennifer’s extensive touring as a solo and duo act has created a loyal and supportive community.

Jen’s long awaited album, “Rediscovering Me,” produced by Wren Lemieux, is now out. It is a documentation of her adventures and journey over the past ten years. Jennifer ran an eight week campaign to raise money for the project in 2015. Weeks later, she left for a solo tour through Sweden testing out the new songs. Upon her return, she was inspired to write the remainder of the album. In November of 2015, Jen left for New Orleans to record the first part of the record; completing the second half in Austin the following year.

“Jennifer Vazquez is what we call in the studio world a gift...a rare gift.” says Ron Zabrocki. “Jen’s songs are original and engaging. Her voice is expressive and conversational with never a need for tuning! ...her music is destined to be heard in every form of media.”

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