5 Things Artist Managers Look For When Signing Artists

Bestie Chat with Erin Anderson, Founder & CEO of Olivia Management

WATCH: Erin answers the popular question: "what do you look for in signing an artist?"

Key Takeaways

  1. "I look for artists whose music I love & listen to" because if not, then it's really hard to sell it.

  2. "I look for artists I have a personal connection with" because essentially artists and managers are tying their lives together.

  3. "I look for artists I share a moral ground with" because an artist represents an artist manager's brand.

  4. "I look for artists who already have income streams" because managers are commission based and nobody wants to work for free.

  5. "I look for artists in the genre where I have connections" to be as effective as possible!

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Meet Erin Anderson

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Erin Anderson | Olivia Management, Nashville

Erin received her MBA from Vanderbilt's Owen Graduate School of Management with a concentration in entrepreneurship and strategy. Before starting Olivia Management, Erin worked as a product manager in Seattle at Amazon Music. She has consulted with Sony Music Entertainment, the Americana Music Association, Nashville Chamber of Commerce, Kind of Blue Music, Keb' Mo', GoodMusicAllDay.com, Rachel Potter (X Factor), ATL Collective, the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, and worked at Universal Music Group Nashville which consisted of imprints Lost Highway Records, MCA Records, and Mercury Records.

In addition to music consulting and artist career management, Anderson teaches as an adjunct professor at Belmont University in Music Business and Entrepreneurship. Her classes cover the topics of starting businesses, interning in the music industry, refining resumes and cover letters, and serving the community through entrepreneurship.

Erin was named a finalist in the Nashville Emerging Leader Awards in 2016. She serves as the staff director at Owen Graduate School of Management's Accelerator Summer Business Institute, volunteers to teach entrepreneurship to inmates through the BEST program, and was one of the founding members of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center's Advance Nashville initiative in digital music.

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