Are you up for the challenge?

Hope your week is going well... it has been beautiful here in Nashville! The sun has definitely helped to get my energy up and the ideas flowing.

My idea today is about hosting a 4th Quarter Success Challenge! But, hosting a challenge for creatives is not as straight forward as say a health & fitness challenge might be. In that scenario, everyone can do the same workouts or eat clean for a certain amount of time and get unique results of their own.

A couple months ago I came across Gretchen Rubin and her book called The Four Tendencies. When I first heard about it, I was SURE I'd fall into the Upholder category! Upholders are not only held accountable by others but also by themselves. They're great with deadlines. Are often perfectionists. And they don't like asking for help and can take on too much too quickly.

Hello, that sounds like me! Right? My current goal is to launch 30 websites in 26 weeks. I mean, of course I'm an upholder!

Then I took The Four Tendencies Quiz... and I'm a Questioner. Honestly at first I was like, I am NOT (which is funny because I was questioning the results)! A Questioner needs internalized reasons to do things. Arbitrary rules or goals are a no go. And if a Questioner doesn't see a purpose or reason in a task or goal - it's not gonna happen.

All that to say, I now realize the reason I am good with deadlines and take on maybe more than I should at times is BECAUSE I am a Questioner. When I know exactly what I want to achieve AND have a good reason why... I'm going to do it all and there's nothing that's going to stop me!

So back to my challenge idea.

Would you be interested in participating in a challenge with me? No pressure at all, but I'm going to do it anyways, so I thought I'd invite you along.

I've got my goals and my timeline and all I'm missing is accountability!

Here's what I'm thinking...

October 1st is a Monday and also the beginning of the 4th Quarter - a great day to start a challenge, right?

I'll create a couple questions to help you set your goals, I'll set some check-in deadlines, and then I'll hang out over on Instagram stories to show you behind the scenes of what I'm working on to give you accountability.

What do you think? Are you up for the challenge?

💕 Katherine

PS. Want to know if you're an Upholder, Questioner, Obliger, or Rebel? Thought so. Take the quiz.

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Are you in?

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