Challenge yourself with these questions from Brianna Ruelas

With this June heat, it certainly feels like Summer is here, which means it’s a time for a little self reflection. I do not commit to new year’s resolutions each January, but something that I prioritize semi-annually, is creating a personal inventory of my life. I ask myself questions like, what’s good? What’s working? What’s ugly? How can I improve? How can I grow? In what areas am I thriving? Where am I drowning?

Either way, when we resist discomfort, we miss out on an opportunity to grow, sharpen and evolve as women.
— Brianna Ruelas

You see. If you never pause long enough to ask a few practical questions of yourself, you may find yourself in the same, comfortable position several years down the road. It may be cozy.  It may be directionless. Either way, when we resist discomfort, we miss out on an opportunity to grow, sharpen and evolve as women.

Conducting a personal inventory is one way to invite a little challenge into your world and ultimately open you up to clarity, which is vital for your life and career goals!  You cannot rush clarity, but there is power in knowing precisely WHAT you want, and WHY you want it. Recognizing this starting point, leads to a strategic action plan that can include increased wealth, freedom and impact.

We are all running around with our heads cut off, and time seems to be slipping through our fingers. It is easy to lose sight of our goals and dreams, while life happens around us. Clarity around your goals and knowing EXACTLY what you want, will help you cut through the noise and get faster results.

Time management and productivity are a hot topic today because they often equate to more money in our pockets. Making the most out of our time, means working effectively and efficiently and is important as we grow our business and brand. Crossing off everything on your to-do list for the day is great in theory, but beware of over extending yourself in your haste, as this can rob your joy and set you back for days to come.

Instead consider planning your day out the night before. Take five minutes before bedtime and specifically detail the next day’s work, activities, social media posts and of course, time to exercise and eat! It is medically proven that exercise stimulates the brain and aids in thinking. Outlining our day, will not only keep you on track, but it will alleviate stress and overwhelm, with the awareness that you have carved out time to accomplish everything in your day.

So, let’s get clear on your starting point! If it’s been a while, carve out time today to be quiet and give yourself the priceless gift of introspection. The questions below are from the first chapter of my book Performing Artist Pathway:

Priority Questions:

  • WHERE am I starting from? WHAT is my current life situation?
  • WHERE am I thriving and WHERE am I drowning?
  • WHAT do I want for myself?
  • WHAT are my challenges?
  • WHAT is good, bad, and ugly in my world?
  • WHAT actions do I need to take?
  • WHY do I want this? WHY have I chosen this journey?
  • Am I WHO I want to be?
  • WHEN is my next opportunity? HOW can I prepare for it?
  • HOW can I grow as an artist?

Follow-Up Questions: (for those who want to dig a little deeper)

  • WHAT is holding me back?
  • WHAT do I have the power to change?
  • WHAT junk or trash do I need to take out? Is there negativity I need to let go of?
  • WHERE can I say no in life, in order to create space for my priorities?
  • WHAT do I love about my life?
  • WHO is on this journey with me who can offer support?
  • WHO can hold me accountable?
  • HOW am I doing, emotionally and spiritually?
  • HOW can I improve my day-to-day life?

You are never alone on your journey! Don’t be afraid to dig deep. You might discover a new thing or two about yourself that’s been hiding out.

Brianna Ruelas

Brianna Ruelas

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Brianna Ruelas is a Singer/Songwriter, Performing Artist Consultant and Author to Performing Artist Pathway: Navigate the Highs & Lows On Your Music Journey. To learn more about Brianna, check her out at or on social media @briannaruelasmusic.

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