EmpowHERment Series Recap

Last Wednesday was the first EmpowHERment Series event - and it was so special! I hope you enjoy the photo recap... and if you want the Series to continue, leave us a comment below and let us know what you enjoyed most about the other night.

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Music Biz Conference

The four-day innovative conference happening Monday, May 14 - Thursday, May 17 at the Omni Nashville.

  • 100+ panels, presentations, workshops, private meetings, cocktail parties, live music, and more.
  • Keynotes from YouTube's Lyor Cohen, mega-manager Scooter Braun, and 'Music's Leading Ladies Speak Out' featuring Republic's Wendy Goldstein.
  • Digital Service Workshops for creatives with Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Pandora, SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube.
  • Sessions on podcasting, playlisting, streaming income, interactive downloads, unclaimed royalties, digital marketing, merch, and so much more.

Those who have never experienced the Music Biz conference before can register for a special badge for just $279 with code MUSICBIZBESTIES2018 and those looking to make a return to Music Biz, can do so for $499. Students can also register for as low as $169. Click here to register today to join the 2,000+ attendees expected to descend on Nashville for the four most important days on the industry calendar. Visit musicbiz2018.com for more info.

Shoutout to the Music Business Association for sponsoring the first EmpowHERment Series event and helping make it such a success!

Bestie Membership

Monthly resources to help you take your music career to the next level.

Last week's event was all about "moving your vision forward." True success only comes when you’re willing and ready to put in the effort to show up consistently at your best. While the support of a community can definitely play a role in that, you also have to learn how to show up for you. Getting “more” out of your life and career starts with you… and that's exactly what the Bestie Membership will help you do. Every month there are new workbooks, videos, and guest interviews to help you dive deep into a specific topic and learn how to apply it to your career/life. Sign up today to get your free 1 week trial of the Bestie Membership.