Go-To Coffee Shops In Nashville

Coffeeshops in Nashville

I heard today on the radio that the average person spends around $53,000 on coffee in their lifetime. EXCUSE ME?! While I would like to be surprised by this, I am not. One of the reasons I’m scared to make a budget is because I don’t want to know how much I spend every year on coffee. I’m not a coffee nerd who grinds their own beans, has a Chemex, and shudders at the thought of flavored creamer. But I do enjoy going to coffee shops and have made a list of some of my Nashville favorites.

First up is The Well. The Well now has 3 Nashville locations, but the one in Brentwood is my favorite. The baristas are friendly, you don’t feel judged, and they make a killer cinnamon latte. They have seasonal favorites, host writer’s rounds, and support the local community. The best part is, with every item purchased, part of the proceeds go to provide clean water in foreign countries.

Next is Frothy Monkey. Frothy Monkey has four locations plus a bakery. My favorite is a tie between the Franklin and West Nashville location. West Nashville might win because the Franklin location is always pretty busy. Not only do they have good coffee, but they have a full lunch and dinner menu, plus Wine Down Wednesday events every week.

Another contender is CREMA. They have the best Cuban and avocado toast in town, hands down. Their coffee seems pricey, but it’s pretty on par with every other shop in town.

The only coffee shop I tend to shy away from is Barista Parlor. My go-to coffee drink is a vanilla latte, so I feel very out of place and even judged when I go here. It is the quintessential hipster coffee shop. The Germantown location is rarely crowded and is the most relaxed out of their three locations.

Some shops that I haven’t been to but are on my list include Sump Coffee, Slow Hand Coffee, The Jam Coffeehouse, and Café Roze. What are some of your Nashville favorites?

Kelsey Smith

Kelsey Smith

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Kelsey is definitely one of those people who calls Nashville her favorite city, but Texas her favorite state. She grew up in Texas but has been living in Nashville and working in the music industry for over 3 years now. She is fueled by Jesus, coffee, and Chick-fil A, is addicted to chapstick, and is a supporter of the Oxford comma. Her current TV show obsession is Boy Meets World reruns. 

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