If you’re getting started in the music business… read this!

Getting started in the music industry - whether as a musician or a professional - can be frustrating and stressful for a variety of reasons.

Trust me. You’re not alone!

For the past few months I’ve been keeping up with responses to the questions I ask people who request to join the Besties Facebook group… and after over 100 replies, I’ve started seeing similarities!

If you’re struggling to find a job or make the most of networking opportunities…

If you’re overwhelmed as an independent musician...

If you’re feeling the pressures of entrepreneurship…

If you’re finding that your lack of confidence is getting in the way…

It’s NOT just you. It’s totally normal to have fears and struggles - especially when starting something new.

Remember, “if it were easy, everyone would do it.”

If you resonate to any of these quotes below (maybe you even recognize one as your own!), I hope it encourages you to speak up in the Facebook group or to come out to a Bestie Songwriter night or Coworking meetup.

This community is here to help you overcome and push past your fears and struggles! Speak up, join in, ask questions, support others… and make amazing things happen!


If you’re struggling to find a job or make the most of networking opportunities…

  • “Right now I am in the process of trying to get a job in Nashville without living there already.”

  • “Finding jobs at a management firm is proving to be quite difficult.”

  • “I believe my fear is the fact that I do not have the experience in the music industry that is holding me back.”

  • “I fear that I won't be able to push through all the "noise" and that no one will ever give me a chance. I want to get more confident in connecting with new people from the industry.”

  • “Mostly I’m struggling with just not getting noticed in my applications and not getting the opportunity to really show potential employers who I am. I am also afraid of just missing opportunities because I am not looking in the right places.”

  • “The biggest struggle for me is finding and obtaining a full time position with a company in the industry.”

  • “Most of my struggles stem from the lack of opportunities and difficulty making connections in the industry in the San Francisco Bay Area. I would love to meet women from my area who are kicking butt in the industry.”

  • “Networking is definitely a big struggle for me right now!”

  • “I’m struggling with being stuck in a position that doesn't fit my personality, completely compromising my desire to actually work in music.”

  • “My biggest fear at the moment is not getting the opportunities or getting overshadowed by all the other people who have more experience in my city.”

  • “I don't know where to start, I don't have a lot of experience in the music business, and I want to meet people!”

  • “I'm currently seeking entry level opportunities and struggling to get noticed. I'm interning and finishing up my degree and hoping to find a job within the next month.”

  • “The overwhelming amount of people also trying to break into the music industry is a bit intimidating.”

  • “While finishing my degree I worked in an insurance company, now I feel stuck and am trying to make my transition into the music industry.”


If you’re overwhelmed as an independent musician...

It’s scary to make myself so vulnerable and I’ve had some difficulties being a woman in the music world.
  • “It's my first time self-releasing music at the moment without a label and I have to learn a lot about promotion. It's scary to make myself so vulnerable and I've had some difficulties being a woman in the music world.”

  • “Where do I start!? I want to relocate to Nashville, and focus on music but I have no idea where to start. I am so new to the music industry, following pure passion and a bit of natural talent. I want to learn, grow and find the right move to get started.”

  • “I’m finding it so challenging to make a dent in the noisy world out there. I’m wanting to improve reach, posts that break through the chatter, videos that are next level, etc.”

  • “Finding gigs is hard. Let’s be real haha”

  • “While I have been playing for a long time, I'm just starting to get into the "business." Looking for local people who would like to form a group to play, or even ideas / suggestions for solo work.”


If you’re feeling the pressures of entrepreneurship…

  • “I struggle most with confidence. I am confident in my product and know it could really help others succeed, but I need to believe in myself to be able to deliver my product with the professionalism it deserves!”

  • “I'm wanting to be a music marketing aficionado/manager. I'm worried about whether or not musicians will pay for my marketing/management services.”

  • “I recently transitioned to full time freelancing in NYC and feel my biggest struggle right now is finding and connecting with people in the industry. I'd love to connect with some women killing it in music!”

  • “I am struggling to get my name out there as far as being a resource to music business professionals with my photography services.”

  • “As a freelancer, I sometimes think that my resume is too scattered and I need to focus in on specific fields for long-term success. But I also want to do/try /learn everything!”

  • “Finding performers who are willing to pay for concert photography has been rather difficult. I would love help with finding performers that I can shoot for so that I can grow my portfolio and network.”


If you’re finding that your lack of confidence is getting in the way…

  • “My biggest struggle right now is self doubt unfortunately.”

  • “My biggest struggles are my personal anxiety and not enough knowledge about the music industry.”

  • “I struggle with anxiety when trying new things, but I always push myself to take on new challenging roles to build my confidence and add to my skill sets.”

  • “While I am constantly reaching for my goals and challenging myself, I often feel lonely within the music industry and without effective and objective feedback.”

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