Is social media really a highlight reel?

Katherine’s late night thoughts from the bath 🛀:

Why do we feel like we have to apologize for our successes or keep them to ourselves? (I say “we,” assuming that I’m not the only one who feels this way...)

Everyone says social media is a highlight reel. But is it really? How come when I have a real high (or something serious that’s worthy of sharing), I struggle to share?

I *think* what it comes down to is that we share what we need validation on or what we know will get a quick “like.” But those moments... when I’m really proud of my abs because I’ve been working out and eating healthy for several months - nope can’t share. When I had 3 breast tumors removed and they WEREN’T cancer - nope can’t share. When I hit a financial milestone in my business - nope can’t share. When I’m working 12 hour days because I have a lot of business coming in but am also studying to get my real estate license... and LOVING every minute - nope can’t share.

Why? Because I/we don’t want to feel like we’re “asking” for a like or sympathy when it REALLY matters.

So... here’s a picture of me at Pilates and a boomerang of my messy workout hair (secretly proud of the changes my body is making). A picture of my mom with me in Nashville (because she was here for my surgery I didn’t mention). A picture of my laptop on the kitchen table (bc I’m f*n proud that I run my own business). A picture of our house (because I’m so excited to put the for sale sign back in the yard with MY name on it).

A few moments that have meant a lot to me recently…

[Stay tuned for Part 2]… and until then, PLEASE tag me (@katherinedforbes) in your highest highs on Instagram so I can cheer you on!

Your Turn

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