Maybe it's NOT the fear of failure?

Maybe it's not the fear of failure? | Music Biz Besties

I was sitting at my piano the other day and had a realization.

I’ve been thinking it’s the “fear of failure” that has been holding me back… and I’ve also heard people talk about the “fear of success.” But neither of those ideas truly resonate with me.

Then I figured it out.

I’m not scared to fail. I understand that failures are inevitable but I’m also confident in my abilities and talents. And I don’t have a fear of success either. Success is what I’m aiming for!

I have a fear of putting something out there and it not being as big as I want it to be.

That’s why I think…

If I wait until my audience is bigger…
If I wait until I find the right platform or stage…
If I keep perfecting it…

Then when I share it, it will be successful.

But now that I’ve busted my own excuses, I’ve been going along with what feels easy and natural… and I want to encourage you to do the same. It doesn’t have to be so hard. This big dream of yours isn’t on your heart to make you struggle! It’s there for you to enjoy and to allow you to make a difference in others’ lives. (Can you tell I just finished reading Big Magic?)

So today I want to encourage you to take action.

Get the idea out of your head and onto paper (or your computer).
Ask for feedback.
Launch your website.
Share on social media.
Send the email or make the phone call.
Play that song you’re nervous to share with an audience.

Just do it. Let the pieces unfold as they will. And I’ll be over here doing the same, right there with you!

💕 Katherine

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