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Katherine Forbes | Music Business Vlog

I'm starting a vlog... to say that you don't have to follow what everyone else wants you to do or what you think you need to do, you just need to listen to your heart and what you really want to do and that's where success comes. In saying that, I'm going to prove a point and do it myself. This vlog is my way of keeping track and letting you in on my journey to show you that when you really realize what it is you're meant to do that you need to just do it!

Welcome along, I hope you like watching my vlogs... I'm excited to share with you but also a little nervous. I'm going to show up every day and share a little bit about how I feel and what I'm thinking - whether that's me in my gym clothes or whatever I'm doing. I'm here to share and really inspire others to go after their dreams, so I'm going to bring you along on my journey of going after mine.

Week 1 Episodes

Vlog 1 / Dream Big
Vlog 2 / Things I Could Do Better
Vlog 3 / Where True Success Starts
Vlog 4 / Do More of What's Working

Katherine Forbes | Nashville website designer

Katherine Forbes

Founder of Designing the Row and Creator of Music Biz Besties

A Music City girl obsessed with creating confidence in my clients through design, branding, marketing, and community. In today’s world, your visual branding and online presence will either make or break you. I’ve got my Diet Coke in hand and am ready to get started on your next project.

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