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Rise Above Your Fears | Music Biz Besties

I sat down to write this because I went into “I have no one to talk to” mode.

You know, “no one understands what I’m trying to do,” even feeling like “no one understands ME,” but also “I know what I want to do is important but it feels so big I don’t know what to do next” kinda thing.

Then I took a step back and thought about everything I’ve built over the past few years and how I have both an email list and Facebook group with thousands of people “to talk to” and I quickly snapped out of my funk.

You (yes you, reading this post) fuel my passion to want to help others succeed. You might not know it, but you've taught me a lot of things. You’ve taught me a lot about insecurities… and how we all have the same ones. You’ve taught me about the fear of failure. The fear of judgement. The fear of not being or knowing enough.

So. If we’re all (literally everyone) dealing with the same struggles, why don’t we band together and rise above our fears?

Sure, it might show up in different ways for different people. But seriously. No one has everything figured out. No one is perfect. So what’s the harm in trying to be our best selves? Why are we so scared to do that?

Talking to you through these posts, hanging out in the Facebook group, during mentor sessions, and at Bestie meetups… I’m able to give you an outside perspective and brief moments of motivation. And that’s great, but I know it only goes so far. What it has done for me in return though? It's all starting to come together.

I might tell you… “it doesn’t matter what your major was in college, do what you want,” or “it doesn’t matter where you live, make the most of where you are,” or “just reach out, reconnect with those from your past who might be able to help you.”

Then I think about myself.

If I can say those things to you, how come it’s so hard to say them to myself (and believe them. And take action on them)?

But what if... what if I were to let my guard down and just go for it? If I show you what’s possible, would you be willing to join me? Can you agree to rise above your fears and just "do it" anyways? If so, leave me a “YES” in the comments below!

💕 Katherine

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