Soundfly Founder & CEO Ian Temple to join Music Biz Besties' upcoming online summit

Let's talk about taking action.

Taking action can often bring up a variety of negative feelings and emotions like resistance, frustration, stress, and anxiety.

Why is that? We know we need to take action in order to get to the next level, but we avoid it.

I believe deep down we all know the impact we want to make in the world, but I’ve learned that there’s no exact road map to success… for anyone! We all have to try things out to see what works and what doesn’t!

Nothing happens overnight.

Success takes hard work.

Taking action won’t always feel comfortable or easy, and that’s normal!

Music Biz Besties is here to give you the encouragement and inspiration to get past those negative feelings and help guide you in taking action to move your career forward. And we'll be doing exactly that June 19-22 during the first ever FREE Music Biz Besties Online Workshop Summit.

When I shared about the summit with my friends at Soundfly they really resonated with the message of "taking action now" and wanted to join in on the summit! So today I'm really excited to introduce you to Ian Temple, who will be joining in on Friday's (June 22) live workshop. 

Ian Temple | Soundfly CEO & Founder

Ian Temple is an entrepreneur, composer, and pianist. He's the founder and CEO of Soundfly, a different sort of online music school using personalized mentorship to help musicians reach their goals. Prior to that, he was a founding partner of The Future Project, a national non-profit working in high schools to unlock the dreams of the students within them and transform them into action-oriented places. His work is tied together by a passion for unleashing the creative potential within individuals. 

As a musician, he's toured Europe, North America, and Asia, produced and released seven albums with various projects, the most recent of which was featured on Pitchfork and other major publications, and composed music for videos and films, including the award-winning short Rosa: These Storms. He has performed at major international festivals such as Pop Montréal, Suoni Per Il Populo, the WOS Festival in Spain, and at MoMA for their popular Art Book Fair (with a string quartet). 

He's going to share some amazing advice with us like... 

  • Why you need to use constraints when tackling your big visions
  • How to set S.M.A.R.T. goals
  • The importance of accountability
  • His easy process for testing your ideas to make sure they work
  • Why you need to be learning as you go
  • Perfectionism vs Iteration

Take Action Now | Getting Started in the Music Business

Take Action Now

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