Stop dumbing down your goals!

Stop dumbing down your goals | Music Biz Besties

How can we support each other if we don’t share our real dreams with each other?

I asked a couple friends recently what their “big BIG goals” were.

One friend told me she wants to be a New York Times best selling author. I had no idea she even wanted to write a book.

Another friend told me she wants to 3x her income this year... and I also just learned she’s recently changed up her whole business model.

To be honest, at first as I was typing up my own reply to them, I said I wanted to be a speaker. Then I saw the bestseller text come through and was like, oh my gosh, that’s it. I’m asking people what their big BIG goals are and I’m trying to dumb mine down. “A speaker.” No, I want to do a TEDx Talk about how music lessons have taught me more than just how to read and appreciate the notes on the page. Music has taught me some valuable life lessons that have helped me find success in business and in life and I want to share those lessons with others.

There, I said it.

You can probably assume that I want to grow my website design business and Music Biz Besties community… but you would’ve had no idea that I want to give a TED Talk unless I told you.

Again, we hold back because we are scared others might think we’re crazy for wanting to achieve something so big. But why are we limiting ourselves. That’s ridiculous.

Who cares if someone else thinks you’re crazy for wanting to be a bestselling author, or 3x your revenue with a new business model, or be a TEDx speaker?

Who the F cares?

At the end of the day, that wish, that dream, it doesn’t go away. It’s just going to sit there and make you wonder what if, or why not me, or I’m dumb for thinking that big.

No. you’re. not.

What’s that big, scary, unspoken goal look like for you?

You have to get it out and share it because how else are we supposed to support you if we don’t know what you want?

💕 Katherine

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