Tori Martin: January calendar songwriter

Photos by Daniel Christopher Photo (Music Biz Besties photoshoot)

Did you write “Living the Dream” solo or with a friend?

I wrote “Living The Dream” with my friend Lyndsey Highlander.

What was the inspiration behind the song?

This song really stemmed from making music and being in the music industry. We really wrote it for not only ourselves, but our peers. It’s an anthem to remember you’re already “doing” it. Sometimes we get so hung up in the future we don’t realize that we’re living the dream.

What are you working on right now? Writing, recording, touring, a little bit of everything?

A little bit of everything! Writing like crazy, playing shows, I’ve recorded new music that is coming out soon!

Living for the bright lights like superstars. Running down the highway with wild hearts. Playing for the dollars but that ain’t what we need. We keep living the dream.
— Tori Martin

What are you most excited about for 2019?

Phew, there’s a lot! One of the most exciting things is a new project I’ve been working on. I can’t say much about it yet, but I can’t wait to share and see how it all plays out!

What’s your favorite venue to play? Why?

Honestly, I love any and every stage! It’s home for me. Sure is can vulnerable and there are nerves but really there’s no place I’d rather be. It’s hard for me to pick because of that! Locally, I do love playing our Besties Round at Whiskey Room Live in Franklin! Great stage, lighting and sound.

If you could write with anyone, who would it be?

Shane McAnally. He’s a genius and everything he touches turns to gold. Most of the time when I listen to a new song (and love it), I check out who wrote on it and he’s usually one of the writers.

How did you find Music Biz Besties?

I found out about MBB through friends when I first moved to town! I really had no clue and no idea what to do when I moved here. MBB quickly provided a community where I felt welcomed and not alone in a big new city.

What advice do you have for artists who are thinking about moving to Nashville?

Do it. I wish I would have moved here sooner! They call it a 10 year town, so why not now?

How can we keep up with you and all you’ve got going on?

I’ll be working a new website with Katherine soon!! Until that’s up Insta, Facebook, Bandsintown, Twitter! You can find me on Spotify and Apple Music too.

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