What it takes to get "more"

What it takes to get more | Music Biz Besties

Everyone says “you have to niche down, you can’t serve everyone.”

And I know that to be true. But recently I’ve found a common thread among us all.

It’s quite simple actually.

We all want more.

Everyones more is different. But we all want more of something.

More money.
More work.
More freedom.
More time.
More peace.
More respect.
More love.
More knowledge.
More possessions.
More social media followers.
I think my mother in law would like more grandchildren…

All those things are attainable, right? So why do we just sit and wish we had more instead of actually doing something about it?

Because the “doing” part is hard.

You’ve heard the phrase, "If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done."

Again, simple but true.

You can’t make more money if you don’t add more value. And you can’t add more value if you don’t change your work habits.

You can’t have more grandchildren if you… just kidding. I don’t have any advice for her on that one other than, maybe more patience?

I naively started a Facebook group a couple years ago. I quickly started seeing common threads among everyone. My members wanted to either book more shows, get a job in the music industry, and/or make more money.

I didn’t really have a one-size-fits-all solution for those pain points, so I started a Songwriter Series to give you a place to play. I started a Job Forum to help you find jobs. And my hope is that you can grow your career with the support of the community and in turn, make more money!

But still. Something is missing even though I’m giving answers to solutions.

It doesn’t matter if I give you a stage, a job, or even money - success depends on you taking action. What are you doing with those opportunities I’m creating for you?

I didn’t start the group to give free resources, but because I personally needed support! I knew I had big goals for my business and knew that I couldn’t do it by myself.

It doesn’t matter how many blog posts I read about scaling a business, my business isn’t going to scale until I put in the hours and hard work.

Just because you want more, doesn’t mean someone else can give you more.

A Job Forum can help you find jobs to apply for but are you showing up to the interview able to add value?

A songwriter series is great, but it will only give you one show on the calendar.

Networking online feels productive, but are you following up on those connections to make things happen or are you just commenting on others’ Instagram posts?

You might have noticed a change in how I’m showing up in the Facebook group this week. Showing you a little more behind the scenes and being transparent about what I want to achieve and the struggles I’m having around those goals.

I want to make the group more about supporting each other to take action rather than to be here as a passive group that makes you feel like you’re taking action. Over the next few weeks I’m going to continue sharing more posts from my “Google Drive Docs Diary”… and my hope is that my messages will help you realize you’re not the only one who feels stuck… you’re not the only one who wants more… and most of all - I hope these posts will inspire you to take action. That’s when the magic happens.

Stay tuned. Speak up. Share. And do the work.

*Take action now: Tell a friend what YOU want more of and invite her to join the Music Biz Besties Facebook group and be your accountability partner.

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