You’ve got to slow down.

You've got to slow down

Slow down.

Your mind is running a million miles per hour.
You have so much on your to-do list.
You have so many ideas.

I know. 

But you have to slow down and take a look at what really matters.

It doesn’t have to be so stressful.

Lately I’ve been questioning every aspect of my business by asking myself, “how can I make this as simple as possible?”

I keep what matters. 
I make decisions that feel simple.

If just thinking about saying yes to something already stresses you out, don’t say yes. It’s really that easy… and it’s how I’ve gone from being stressed with 5 projects on my plate at once to feeling relaxed and in control with 15 at once.

When you first start questioning yourself it’ll be tough to let things go. But it’s time to get rid of the busy work and focus on what’s actually getting you closer to your goals, what’s bringing in money, and what makes you happy.

💕 Katherine

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