Erin Richter

Erin Richter

Publicity Intern at Muddy Paw PR

Chicago, IL

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Erin is a 22 year old Columbia College Alumni with a degree in in music business and public relations. She's from Cincinnati, Ohio and has dreams of working in live event management, artists management, and public relations.

Erin has had many experiences in her industry, including working on the marketing team for Chicago International Movies and Music Festival, interning briefly at a start-up record label, and spent a semester creating social media and lifestyle content for Chicago start-up called The DM. Most recently she worked as a rights management specialist at the Chicago branch of Music Dealers and is working as a production intern for Metronome Chicago.

In her spare time she enjoys listening to music, drinking too much coffee, and indulging in all different types of movies. Erin is a lover of all things pop culture and she dreams of traveling and exploring the world some day.

I joined Music Biz Besties because I love the idea of women supporting other women! Especially in a male dominated industry, all the support from other ladies is very refreshing. I hope I can meet other people that can not only help me, but I can offer help as well!