Aneta Wrzos

Aneta Wrzos

Artist / Syrra

London, UK

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The name Syrra – a Swedish term for ‘sister’ - came to Aneta in her dream, and perfectly encapsulates the essence of the project. The production duo set out to create a place they can come with their flaws, insecurities and struggles and support each other like sisters, remembering nobody is perfect. Their songs strive to find beauty and strength in vulnerability, in a world bombarding us with expectations.

The duo’s signature brand of dark pop was conceived in London, where singer Aneta coming from Sweden, and Berlin-born producer Sinah first came together to write. As long time friends, the pair discovered the best way to be there for each other, was to create a musical world of their own, where they
can let go of their day-to-day struggles. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the duo later moved their production to a shed in the shadows of the Portuguese mountains, creating a truly inimitable atmosphere.

I joined Music Biz Besties I am a member of She Said So and Ladies / Music / Pub and whenever I go to a meet-up or chat to another member, it gives me a sense that I’m a part of something bigger and have a platform to discuss any issues I may face as a woman in the music business and discover and celebrate the achievements of other members, which is always an inspiration. There’s always an overwhelming sense of support coming from these groups and I feel stronger for being a part of it. From a creative perspective, working and collaborating with other women is something I really enjoy so I’m also always looking for connections, and this is a great place for this.