Anna Filipic

Anna Filipic

Marketing Manager

Nashville, TN

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I have a degree in Interdisciplinary Communications with an emphasis in music and dance. Before graduating, I interned with CBS Radio Chicago at US99/WUSN - FM. Upon graduation, I was promoted to a Promotions Coordinator where my passion for the country music industry grew. Four years later, I picked up and moved to Nashville.

My biggest passion is music and I dream of helping musicians achieve their dreams. I am actively seeking job opportunities to help artists, serve the music community, and learn all there is to know about the music industry in the process!

In my free time you can find me volunteering at the Nashville Humane Association. Things I love: coffee, Gilrmore Girls, baking, and live music.

I joined Music Biz Besties because I’m all about women empowering women. Working in this industry is hard enough as it is - especially in an industry comprised of mainly men. I believe having a support system of women who all have the same passion for the music industry makes it easier to succeed!