Caitlin Taranto

Caitlin Taranto

Tour Manager at Deep South Entertainment

Raleigh, NC

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I am a twenty-six year old graduate of East Carolina University. I am a Raleigh-based assistant promoter at a 3,000 seat theatre venue by day, and a tour manager for a country artist by weekends. I have experience in multiple facets of the entertainment industry including show promotion/talent buying, stage management, live music event management, marketing, administrative work, and tour management.

Additionally, I have six years of experience working in the Hospitality Industry in multiple different areas including restaurants, hotels, beach house rentals, and multiple world-renowned theme parks.

I am often praised for how hard working and organized I am, and I am consistently told I go above and beyond what is expected of me in a professional setting. I am a natural born leader with a go-getter attitude who works incredibly well in a group setting, and I thrive in a social environment. Ultimately, my passion for music and this industry is what makes me the ideal candidate for any project.

I joined Music Biz Besties because I want to grow my network and meet other like minded, awesome women in the music industry!