Chelcie Gette

Chelcie Gette

Catalog Manager at Diamond Eye Music Publishing

Nashville, TN

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Hi, everyone!

I am a 25-year-old recent graduate of Berklee College of Music. I currently am the Catalog Manager of Diamond Eye Music Publishing. I moved to Nashville to not only work in the Music Industry but also develop better as a vocalist as well. I will soon be posting my finished website on here. I also have a vocal reel video that I just finished!

Well versed in many facets of the entertainment industry. Experience includes marketing, promotions, management, and administrative work. I have also worked in Event Management, non-profit work, and restaurant work.

With dedication and hard work, I strive to use my passion for music and entertainment to effectively enhance any project I may be working on. I bring a new perspective and innovative ideas to every team I work with. I am very organized and business-minded. I can’t see myself doing anything else in this life other than music. I have a strong passion for it, and too much drive not to succeed.

I joined Music Biz Besties to meet new friends, get inspired, network, and overall build a better network here in Nashville!