Christine Infanger

Christine Infanger music industry

Artist Consultant & Assistant at Thirty Roses

Chicago, IL

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I'm an advisor, consultant, and assistant to artists and I work to educate and empower them so they can run their careers efficiently. I help with everything from career planning, social media training and management, and other tasks that take time away from creating. Some artists hire me for occasional hourly tasks when needed and others have me on retainer to regularly help them run the business aspects of their career. I've learned to do a little bit of everything since that's what my artists have needed. If I'm unable to assist with something I'll try my best to find the appropriate person or company.

I joined Music Biz Besties because community is very important to me, as is empowering women. After being terribly disappointed by another music industry group for women, I joined Music Biz Besties to help build a support system and network of strong, intelligent women and have fun and make friends while doing so.