Emily Satterlee

Emily Satterlee

CEO of ItyDity

Denver, CO

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A singer-songwriter herself, ItyDity's CEO and co-founder Colorado based Emily Satterlee aims to empower artists to reach their highest potential and to help other songwriters avoid the common pitfalls that she experienced early on in her career. Named by 303 Magazine as one of the "Top Bad Ass Women In Music", previous to ItyDity, Emily spent ten years organizing Orange County Songwriters, Southern California's largest songwriter and production network as well as attending Orange Coast College studying music business, recording and production. In 2015 Emily started her own production agency in Los Angeles helping other artists connect with the right producers and get the best production for their songs. Her most recent venture ItyDity.com has been featured in major magazines (Biz West, 303, The Scene), on music blogs like The Warped Machine, and various industry leading podcasts including Nashville's highly acclaimed The Business Side of Music Podcast.

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