Haana Thiem

Los Angeles-based producer/violinist/singer HÄANA utilizes electronic sounds and broken beats, Nordic and Icelandic-inspired melodies, and improvised instrumental/vocal music. She studied contemporary improvisation at New England Conservatory (Boston, MA), and electronic music production at Dubspot (NYC). In addition to touring the globe with EDM festivals and as a guest artist for brands such as Intel and Ferrari, HÄANA has appeared at Gillette Stadium w/ Kanye West opening for the Rolling Stones, Madison Square Garden w/ Kanye West for MTV, Harvey Nichols Fashion Show (Dubai), Alvin Ailey Gala, Obama's Inaugural Ball, Michael Jordan's Wedding, and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

I love that this is a platform for women in the music industry. It’s not just about talent, it’s about hard work and the connections you make along the way. My goal as an artist is to inspire others to live their passions as well. Music Biz Besties seems like a great place to meet other talented women in the music industry.