Hanna Elder

Hanna Rae Nashville singer-songwriter

Artist, Hanna Rae

Nashville, TN

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Born in the Shenandoah Valley and raised on classic rock and roll, Hanna Rae began her musical journey before she can even recall. Her charming and compelling presence on the stage comes from years of performing both music and theater in her hometown of Staunton, Virginia. Like many in her craft, she packed up her bags and headed to Nashville, TN in 2011.

Hanna Rae makes her mark in female indie-pop with her Nashville debut EP, Rookie In The Ring. The 5 song project is cut from the same cloth as Ingrid Michelson and Sara Bareilles, sewn together with the folk sensibility of Brandi Carlile. Hanna Rae's voice, rich and effortless, brings life into her intricately woven lyrics atop tasteful layers of instrumentation and vocal harmonies. Whether it’s the grooving pop feel of “Silver Screens” or the acoustic textures of “Alabama”, Hanna Rae’s Rookie In The Ring is sure to bring her music into the light.

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