Houdah Abualtin

Houdah Abualtin

Marketing Manager at Super Secret Records

Fort Worth, TX

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I've been an avid music fan all of my life, spending what little money I had when I was in high school on CDs and records. I began writing album and concert reviews on a personal blog in 2012 for fun, joined a band in 2014 (the band was short lived but gave me an outlet to learn and practice bass), and built a website information hub for my favorite musician soon thereafter. While pursuing my MBA in 2015, I discovered that so much of what I loved to do in my free time fell under the larger marketing umbrella - web design and maintenance, social media, event promotion, paid social, etc. I went on to complete a marketing internship with Margin Walker Presents (a local promoter in Texas) before joining the team at Super Secret Records (based in Austin, TX) as marketing manager. Outside of listening to music constantly on Spotify and driving the neighbors insane any time I take a break to play electric bass, I am a distance runner (six half marathons and one full marathon down so far) and avid reader.

I joined Music Biz Besties because I’ve been in the Facebook group for a little while now and want to continue networking with other people in the industry and seeing what new and exciting opportunities I can be part of.