Katty McGrew

Katty McGrew

Songwriter, Recording Artist, Producer

Los Angeles, CA

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Professional recording artist/songwriter/producer currently doing most of my work in the genre of EDM as a for hire one-stop-shop for dance music producers. I have an extensive background in the fields of Pop, Rock, R&B, Blues, Soul, Funk, Musical Theatre, and more. I can provide samples of those genres upon request as my Soundcloud and Spotify primarily showcase dance music. One of my strongest assets is my ability to adapt my voice and style of singing/writing to fit whatever genre is required. So, please don't let the EDM aspect scare you away if your genre is country. I go where the work is and that is where my road has led me. Music is music. :)

I operate a recording studio out of my home where songwriters and producers regularly come and create with their artists or host pitching sessions for other artists and sync work. I am always happy to meet new creatively minded people who share in the love of story telling through songs.

I'm genuinely looking forward to connecting with songwriters through this website. <3

I joined Music Biz Besties because it was recommended to me to do so by a representative of NSAI. I am hoping to meet other working songwriters with the goal of creating and collaborating.