Kelly Hoppenjans

Kelly Hoppenjans

Singer-Songwriter / Vocal Coach / Feminist Music Blogger

Nashville, TN

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Kelly has been singing for longer than she can remember. She earned her childhood nickname, Kellybird, because of her constant singing, for no one in particular but herself. Having moved around a lot as a kid, she relied on music and singing as a constant through all the change; so it’s fitting that she now calls Nashville home, since it’s such a musical city. Kelly’s latest EP, Dreaming is Easy; The Trouble is Waking Up, is inspired by the vivid imagery of dreams and the harsh light of reality. Through the five songs on the EP, she has constructed a dreamscape of folksy yet unfamiliar sounds, inspired by the likes of Paul McCartney’s Ram, Imogen Heap, and early Joni Mitchell. The EP takes the listener on a colorful yet stark journey through love, loss, betrayal, and hope.

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