Lauren Manderbach

Lauren Manderbach

Owner of Alloy Signature

Clare, MI

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With years of interest in fashion photography and print layout design, I (Lauren Manderbach, the founder and sole proprietor of Alloy Photography & Design) decided to pursue a degree in graphic design and photography. While pursuing my degree, I became especially drawn to photography. In 2008 I started Alloy Photography & Design as a way to marry my lifelong interest with my natural talents and abilities. The idea was to bring a modern and contemporary style to Central Michigan that had previously been lacking.

My "hobby" quickly grew from just that, to a full fledged business. I soon realized that this was where God wanted me. He didn't want me to keep treading water and stay in my comfort zone of doing jobs here and there. He wanted me keeping pushing myself to what I had the potential of becoming. I quickly learned that to become great and to make a dream come true that you never thought could be possible we have to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. You will never regret it.

In 2010 I had the pleasure of visiting a city I had never been to, Nashville, TN. Since that spring in 2010 Nashville has been on my brain everyday. The history, the people, the food, the weather and the creativity had me hooked. Although Alloy is currently based in Michigan, you will start to see more of the city that has been my inspiration for the past 5 years. My goal is do about 50% of my work from Nashville. Working with up and coming artists and assisting them in creating a brand for themselves is something that I have a passion for. Stay tuned.... my world is constantly full of new inspirations.

I joined Music Biz Besties because I love the community of creators and it’s always inspiring to see what others are working on.