Lisa Young In

Lisa Young In

Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager at Sofar Sounds

London, UK

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Born in South Korea, raised in Germany and now living in London and enjoying life to the fullest. Social Media / Digital Marketing Freelancer in the Music Industry who mainly works for the live music start-up Sofar Sounds. Also works with bands and films (from time to time). Live Music Junkie. Globetrotter. Writer. Busy Bee. Professional Bruncher.

I joined Music Biz Besties because I simply love the idea of creating a community and strong network around female musicians and music industry people all over the world, in order to contribute to more diversity and gender equality in a male-dominated industry. Luckily, the start-up I work with (Sofar Sounds) actively supports this goal by putting on shows with as many amazing female musicians and poets as possible and pleading for diversity.