Louise Parker

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Singer / Songwriter

Nashville, TN

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Louise Parker is a singer-songwriter from Essex, UK. Her emotive lyrics and sheer passion captivate the listener and hold their souls to ransom. Taking influence from artists such as Taylor Swift and Kacey Musgraves, Louise aspires to being a signed recording artist one day.

After graduating from the BA Commercial Music Course at Bath Spa University in 2014, Louise spent 72 days touring the US and writing new music about her adventure in the States. She visited Miami, San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas, San Diego, Austin, Nashville and New York. Visit her pictures section on this website to see photographs of her trip.

Upon her return Louise jumped in the studio and released her second EP 'The Lemon Tree' which is available on iTunes, Spotify, HMV online, etc.

In October 2017 Louise moved to Nashville with her cajonist, Lawrence, to play gigs and focus on honing their sound.  Constantly writing new matierial Louise hopes to release another EP in 2018.