Melanie Hotham

Melanie Hotham

Singer / Songwriter and Co—Producer, Hey Hey Amethyst

Melbourne, VIC

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I'm that girl who grew into a woman, through learning a lot of heavy life lessons young the hard way and still managed to never let go of the visions she had from early childhood dreams. From the minute I could talk and prance around singing in front of the family video camera, I had the performer bug and wanted to chase my music dreams. That is the only dream out of the few I had over the years that I keep coming back to.

Music has been there for me when people weren't.

Now as a mother of 2 (one angel baby) , advocate for women's health and equality, and someone with a third baby on the way; you can imagine I'm pretty tired of people saying to stop trying to do what I love and try to find some form of connected career creatively just because I'm a mother now. It fires me up and in fact motivates me more than ever to be a part of the not just a mum movement and keep pushing it as far as I can take it.

I want to lead other women to also not be afraid to chase their dreams. Family is not a burden. It's a blessing , and it is exhaustingly beautiful but oh so worth it. For every little struggle and bad day there is an endless supply of love and little faces who look to you and remind you why you have to keep working hard and not give up to set an example.

I would really love to connect with other creatives whom identify as female, and offer my unconditional support and guidance to anyone in anything I have experience with wherever possible.

I think the only way the music industry will ever truly move forward (especially here in Australia), is for people to stop being elitists and just guide each other in unity, and be respectful of one another regardless of what level we are all at.

We are always stronger together.

There are so many things we can do to combat issues particularly affecting women in all creative industries like sexism and ageism for example; as long as we work as a team to make these changes. I feel like this is the perfect network for people just like me who are ambitious and equally as driven and passionate to reach out to others, and help each other grow so we can all find our way in this ever-changing industry.