Mella Barnes

Mella Barnes

Owner of Mella Music

Nashville, TN

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I am a session singer, songwriter, and regular writer. I focus more on helping other musicians finish their songs than my own (although I do work on my own in my spare time, but not really for profit or anything other than a hobby). I provide background vocals, songwriting in parts, whatever people need! I divide my time between Nashville and Detroit. I have two dogs and a rabbit whom I love more than most everything. I also love hiking, reading, and poptarts. I prefer terrible canned and frozen food to cooking. I love watching unsolved mysteries and crime stories like Forensic Files and Buzzfeed Unsolved. I feel like I'm filling out a dating profile haha! I like long walks on the beach..... I'm an INFJ which might tell you more? I don't know much about those profiles but I find psychology really interesting!

I joined Music Biz Besties because I don’t like being made to feel “competitive” with other musicians, especially other women. Seriously, why do Mariah and Ariana have to be “against” each other? They’re both great! Why the Katy vs Gaga? I believe we can all support each other and there is plenty of room for all. I want to meet other women who feel the same and who want to build each other up and not compete. Only love!