Monica Lee

Monica Lee

Songwriter / CEO of FrontRow

London, UK

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Hi! I am running a London-based music tech start-up on a quest to make administrative work easier for musicians.

Financial management is a pain in the neck, and even more so for artists with entrepreneurial minds who are always on the move. There’s lack of financial transparency in the industry too. And it is increasinly harder, particularly for independent artists, to find the right opportunities to showcase their music. Being the music lovers that we are, we felt we had to do something about it!

FrontRow seeks to provide a one-stop admin solution where contract/invoice management is combined with network opportunities. Long gone are the days where you had to look for opportunities here and send documents there, now you can do all of that in one place!

We are on a mission to offer a viable alternative to the traditional industry model, that’s fairer and more rewarding for the creators, while offering hosts and event organisers more freedom and transparency they need. We’re trusted by hundreds of London’s rising artists, and we aspire to work with creators worldwide.

As Founder and CEO of FrontRow, I source, design and scale world-class teams for a tech company that will be a helpful tool for musicians. I've scaled the company from being just an idea on scrap paper through to being an actual digital technology service for musicians in the UK whilst dominating the global market. I am also responsible for expanding the company from three team members to eight of the world’s best Software Engineers, Data Scientists, Product Managers and Designers from Korea, Hong Kong, India and UK in addition to ten professional board advisors based in the UK. I spend my days on hacker news and our internal dash, in investment readiness training, digital product development and commercial deal design. London is a world-renowned hub for rising artists and the perfect city to increase awareness and user numbers of our service before quick expansion Europe-wide.

I joined Music Biz Besties because I love to be an advocate for female musicians and people in music industry as well as seeking for any kind of collaboration between East and West.