Natalia Kraft

Natalia Kraft

Artist / Singer-songwriter / Guitarist
Natalia Soul

Nashville, TN

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Hi, I’m Natalia, a singer songwriter born and raised in La Plata, Argentina and now adopted by the loving community of Nashville, TN.

I’m an Aries, vegan, meditator, amateur yogini, clean eating super-foods advocate. And! I am in love with Nature (she is my temple outside this body).

Creating music is a way to understand life for me. And to connect to others. So my songs are based on good karma… Good energy, from the pencil to the studio.

I care A LOT about that ’cause I believe you will receive that energy through the music. So If one of my songs can make you laugh, smile, cry, think, or just feel something, I am a happy gal.

I joined Music Biz Besties because I am a rebel who wants to build her career around a network of incredible women.

I joined when the group was really small, and now it’s huge!!! I love that!

Women have come a long way, but what I think we’re just awakening to, is the fact that we need a tribe. Or many! To nurture, support and grow ourselves as individuals. This has become my music biz tribe and I think it was one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever taken. I feel Katherine has provided the space for all of us to evolve together, from a feminine stand point and not the always pushy (show ‘em some leg) masculine approach we sometimes get from other “support groups”... super happy with this!