Paige Williams

Paige Williams

Music Blogger & YouTuber of PaigeBackstage

Toronto, Ontario • Canada

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Hi, I'm Paige! I'm a music blogger/YouTuber from Toronto who used to work in marketing at Universal Music Canada. I love discussing marketing & PR ideas, so I'm always here to bounce your crazy schemes off of! I'm also super serious about the validity of social media, and treating it as a real platform instead of a narcissistic side-project. Honestly, I just like talking about music and trying to make "being a fan" less of a negative thing. Let's talk!

I joined Music Biz Besties because I haven’t found an online community for women in music that stays a positive space, but I see the possibility for that here. I love to have a space where we can bounce ideas off each other without it becoming one sales pitch after another!