Rorie Kelly

Rorie Kelly

Ladybeast Singer-Songwriter / Co Executive Director at

South Beach, NY

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Rorie Kelly is an empowering ladybeast musician from Long Island, NY. Her musical mission is to inspire women and the LGBT community to love themselves fiercely and to become their own heroes. A powerhouse performer, she gigs constantly around the northeast and tends to get comments like "I can't believe that voice came out of that body." In early 2016, Rorie's released her “badass empowerment” album Rising Rising Rising which has received rave reviews from local press. The singer-songwriter’s commitment to community paid off soon after, when she was named Co-Executive Director of world's largest and oldest online community for female musicians. In September, Rorie had the honor of performing her empowering anthem “If You Teach a Bird to Sing” at the White House. For Rorie, this has been a year of spreading her wings--and in 2017 she plans to fly, fly, fly.

I joined Music Biz Besties because I love community and I especially love connecting with other women who have goals in the industry. I believe that the music business is at a turning point and that as an independent community we have great power over the industry that each of us participates in daily—we can co-create it. I daily advocate for fellow indies to create an atmosphere of mutual value and community, not competition.