Sarah Harralson

Sarah Harralson


Nashville, TN

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This Knoxville native made the journey to Nashville in 2013 to pursue her dreams in the music business at Belmont University. She has been writing songs since the age of ten, and released her debut EP in 2013, Finally Found. In October 2015, she was signed to Raindrop Music, LLC, a new publishing company that the drummer of Shooter Jennings opened. This pushed her to keep writing more country music and now she is currently recording her first country album with Raindrop Music. She is an active member of NSAI, BMI, and CMA EDU and also owns her own publishing company within BMI.

Besides being on the creative side, she has used her business skills to take internships with NSAI, Dan Hodges publishing, Seacrest Studios, and Word Entertainment. She hopes to use both her creative and business sides to open her own business one day while also still creating new music for her fans.

I joined Music Biz Besties because when I heard about this group, I absolutely loved the idea of it. Networking is so important in Nashville, and women play a huge role in young entertainment professionals. This is such a great way to get together with other like-minded and brilliant women and just share ideas! You never know what can come from it.