Stephanie Elkin

Stephanie Elkin

President of Swamp Records

Gainesville, FL

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I am currently a fourth-year student at the University of Florida, where I am pursuing a bachelor's degree in Marketing, minors in Entrepreneurship and Mass Communication, and a master's degree in International Business. My ultimate career goals revolve around the music industry, specifically aimed towards positions in marketing, curation and programming, custom content, and events. Having to carve out my own path for success reinforced for me the value of ambition, persistence, and determination and I am prepared to continue to work tirelessly to achieve my goals.

Finding harmony between work and passion is of utmost importance to me, and I have found great fulfillment in applying my business education to a career in the field that I love.

I joined Music Biz Besties because surrounding myself with strong, brilliant, and talented women inspires and empowers me to keep working towards my goals.