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Soundstripe  | Nashville, TN

Posted here April 22

Company Overview

Founded and operated in the heart of music city, Soundstripe is one of the fastest growing music technology companies to emerge in the last 5 years. Providing quality music to tens of thousands of video creators - from YouTubers to freelance videographers, nonprofits and Fortune 1000 companies - we believe individual experience and cultural fit are as valuable to our team as resume credentials. We seek the strongest talent in the industry to join us on our mission to Keep Creatives Creating and believe every Soundstripe employee’s alignment with our Core Values is the key to our success.

We have one of the best startup cultures in Nashville. Our Core Values influence every decision our organization makes. We believe these values are what has made Soundstripe special and what has and will continue to drive our growth and success.

Provide all customers with genuine and whimsical care.

Confront harsh realities with optimism.

Keep it light.

Strive to always grow and learn.

Develop and practice honest communication.

Make it better.

Date the model. Marry the mission.

Be humble and retain a giving and serving heart and mind.

Quality over quantity.

Done is better than perfect.

Position Overview

As a Soundstripe Artist Relations Manager you will be responsible for guiding, advising, nurturing, and scheduling Soundstripe artists while also administering compositions and sound recordings for Soundstripe’s music label, Soundstripe Productions. 


As a Soundstripe Artist Relations Manager, responsibilities include but are not limited to:


You will be responsible for being in constant communication with your artists via email, group chat, phone call, text, etc. Whenever they need you, you’ll be there for them.


You will be responsible for managing your artist’s work calendars for musical collaborations, marketing events, and miscellaneous meetings.


You will be responsible for planning and executing bi-monthly “check in” meetings. These are one on one virtual meetings with your artists to check up on them and ensure they’re happy and healthy. You will also be responsible for planning and executing monthly “official office” meetings. These are group ‘in person’ meetings with your artists to discuss work related matters and to bond together as a team.


You will be responsible for fielding song uploads from your artists and preparing them for distribution. Song administration includes: uploading songs to the Soundstripe website, entering song metadata into multiple spreadsheets for multiple distribution platforms, releasing albums to streaming platforms, and keeping track of how many songs each artist is turning in. You’ll be working with numerous artists, under numerous artist monikers, across multiple performing rights organizations, and every spreadsheet cell needs a scrutinizing attention to detail. 


Our ideal Soundstripe Artist Relations Manager will embrace and believe in our Core Values. In addition to embodying these values, a Soundstripe Artist Relations Manager will demonstrate the following competencies and skills required for success in this role.


Team Mindset & Positive Attitude

As a Soundstripe Artist Relations Manager, you will be collaborating with others constantly. We believe that we’re stronger as a team because of our ability to work and win together. All employees play an integral role within our culture, and we value people who contribute passion and ideas to the growth of our product, business, and original content. We believe in the power of feedback and confronting harsh realities with optimism, and our artists foster trust and respect by developing and practicing honest communication amongst each other and other teams at Soundstripe.

No Ego

At Soundstripe, we have a zero-tolerance ego policy. Soundstripe offers Nashville’s most credible composers, topliners, and mix engineers an opportunity to join an inspiring community of like-minded creatives working together to create the highest quality content. Soundstripe is able to Keep Creatives Creating because of the talent we employ, but we achieve the magic of our collaborative culture by demonstrating our Core Value, “Be humble, and retain a giving and serving heart and mind.” As a Soundstripe Artist Relations Manager, we expect you to bring your talent and tenure with you, while checking your ego at the door.

Time Management & Detail-Oriented

We value freedom and responsibility. We measure work by innovation and contribution. We encourage our managers to work in ways that optimize their talent. Our music monetization starts with our Artist Relations Managers. How accurately you administer metadata for songs and sound recordings directly impacts the success of Soundstripe Productions.


We value innovation and a culture that embraces change. We strive to always make our content better, and we value people who take personal initiative to innovate around our core objectives. If, at any time, there is a different model or strategy discovered that better serves our mission, we will pivot to it. To succeed within the Soundstripe culture, you will need to demonstrate an ability to adapt to the high-growth, fast-paced nature of our business. How you respond to change will directly determine your successes and failures here. 

Skills & Abilities

Technical understanding and the ability to excellently perform within systems is of utmost importance. A Soundstripe Artist Relations Manager will be required to operate within the following software and applications (and more):

  • Mac OS

  • Microsoft Office 365 (for Mac OS)

  • Preview

  • Dropbox

  • Notion

  • HighFive

  • Slack

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