Board Operator, Music Programming - Part Time

Sirius XM | Los Angeles, CA

Posted here May 21

Job Description

Responsible for the operation and quality of studio sound equipment during programs. Operates the board in-studio or via workstation for live and recorded broadcasts as assigned. Also operates equipment to edit, synchronize, mix and reproduce recordings. Greet talent and make them feel comfortable in the studio. Takes direction from Operations Manager, participates in the creation of the sound image for assigned programs. Incumbents of this position may be assigned to more than one program and perform slightly different functions across many programs.

Duties And Responsibilities

  • Checks all studio equipment for proper functioning prior to session, reporting technical problems and equipment malfunctions.
  • Runs the audio board for various live and taped programs and edits audio for on-air use.
  • Ensures studio sound equipment is functioning properly during programs.
  • Ensures that on-air product is up to broadcast standards before it leaves the studios.
  • Works with Programming Manager on following programming clocks to ensure that all content is featured as planned.
  • Works with Programming Manager to develop creative sound ideas to enhance program content.
  • Chooses music and/or sound effects to enhance program image.
  • Coordinates the appropriate mix of music and sound for assigned shows, and ensures that levels are mixed properly.
  • Provides cues and support to facilitate with program continuity.

Additional Duties And Responsibilities

  • Works with programming manager to create / edit "Best of..." programs from archives of past shows for weekend or special re-broadcasting needs.
  • May assist programming managerr with news updates, breaking stories, or other content to be produced or edited on occasion.
  • Performs other music coordinator duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in music/arts or technical audio course emphasis preferred, or equivalent, relevant experience.
  • Minimum of 1 year of experience in board-operation, live show or studio setting.

Requirements And General Skills

  • Ability to meet tight deadlines and multi-task.
  • Strong knowledge of various programming genres.
  • Strong people skills.
  • Knowledge of and/or interest in broadcasting and sound production.
  • Ability to work as part of a team.
  • Must have legal right to work in the U.S.

Technical Skills

  • Previous use of Zetta and Adobe Audition preferred.
  • Proficiency in ISDN operation.
  • Operating studio sound equipment.
  • Mixing sound elements into a professional sounding product.

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