Business Affairs, Music Touring

CAA | Nashville, TN

Posted here March 25

Job Description

The Music Touring Business Affairs department at CAA is seeking an qualified candidate with excellent negotiation and communication skills and strong analytical problem-solving capabilities to join our team. The candidate must demonstrate confidence in meeting tight deadlines while managing multiple projects. Attention to detail is a must.


  • Negotiate and finalize standardized sets of Terms and Conditions with Buyers under supervision of Music Department Business Affairs executives

  • Breach/Demand Letters: work closely with agents to draft breach/demand letters on behalf of clients; track communication/payment deadlines; engage in follow-up correspondence as necessary, etc.

  • General Contract Inquiries and troubleshooting: initial responder to agents’ offices regarding contract language, acceptable revisions, etc. for CAA-issued performance agreements

  • Cease & Desist Letters: draft and send cease and desist letters to third parties engaging in unauthorized representation of our clients and follow-up to ensure the unauthorized activity has ceased after correspondence is sent

  • Other various projects and tasks as needed subject to guidance and direction of Music Department Business Affairs executives


  • 3+ years of intensive negotiation experience

  • Transactional experience

  • Comfort with contractual language

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Possess strong writing skills

  • Comfortable taking ownership of substantive areas of work

  • Attention to detail and accuracy of information

  • Ability to take direction and guidance from department leaders and maintain autonomy with respect to workload

  • Excellent judgment with respect to representing CAA to buyers, business world, etc.

  • Previous work in entertainment or music industry a plus, but not necessary

  • Paralegal certification not necessary

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