Coordinator, Music Programming

Sirius XM | Nashville, TN

Posted here January 29

Position Summary:

The entry level Music Programming Coordinator position provides radio programming support for music channels. Responsible for ensuring all music elements and programs are prepared, edited, loaded and ready to air.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Receive daily assignments from leaders of music programming.
  • Gain an understanding of music scheduling software and playback/automation systems.
  • Properly enter song information and non-music elements into playback system and/or music scheduling software while maintaining required BMI/ASCAP and RIAA data, in addition to generating reports as required.
  • Develop an understanding of and perform audio editing for breaks, interviews and specialty shows. This also includes setting mixes/tones that ensures channel material sounds the most appealing based on specific channel(s) sound & genre.
  • Load voice tracks into playback/automation system, monitors for quality control and deletes completed tracks.
  • Ensure on-air hosts receive daily music logs and updated talent schedules from music scheduling software.
  • Monitor assigned specialty programming for content and quality control and ensuring accurate start time(s).
  • On-air Producer ensuring that live music broadcasts air smoothly by maintaining proper audio levels, firing elements at proper times, troubleshooting technical issues under pressure.
  • May assist with writing station sweepers, imaging, promos and selecting specific music.
  • May write, obtain/record, schedule and archive Artist IDs and Interviews.
  • May research, edit and disseminate show prep materials and line copy to on-air talent.
  • Assist with the coordination of music projects by compiling research data, and how to interpret data.
  • May participate in music meetings.
  • May monitor format charts, trade journals and music sales figures to be as knowledgeable as possible about assigned format(s).
  • May screen incoming calls and messages and selectively choose callers and messages to go on-air.
  • May act as liaison to artists during visits and communicate with music labels, as directed by management.
  • Perform other music channel duties as assigned.

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