Creative Manager

Marbaloo Marketing | Nashville, TN

Posted here May 7

Job Description

The Manager of Multimedia Arts must be able to work hands on in a wide realm of creative work. You must be proficient in several different forms of creative work, focusing on photography and videography, but also must have experience in design work, as well as having a natural eye for branding and artistic curation. As the MoMA, you will be responsible for communicating with and coordinating different photo and video shoots with clients, creating style and brand guides for different clients, and overseeing all photo and video assets that are produced from the creative department. This position requires the employee to have a keen sense of branding and be able to productively adapt with the several different styles you will be working with. Primarily focusing on work behind a camera, the MoMA will be working on several different types of shoots: live photo and videography, BTS photo and videography, product and lifestyle shoots, videography for music videos, photography for single and album artwork, etc.

Experience with animation and/or web development is a bonus.

The Manager of Multimedia Arts must be proficient in the following:

  • Adobe Suite (primarily Lightroom, Photoshop, and Premiere).
  • Proficient knowledge and skill with a DSLR and mobile camera. (Canon, Nikon, and Sony bodies.)
  • Proficient knowledge and skill with a video camera.
  • Proficient and timely editing:
    • Color correction.
    • Retouching.
    • Mobile editing apps.
    • Professional studio shoots:
    • Single/album.
    • Social content.
    • Product photography.
  • Video work:
    • Music videos.
    • Acoustic videos.
    • Liners.
    • Lyric videos.
  • Concert photography and videography.
  • Plan out and collect images on content days for different artists and brands.
  • Collect both photo and video behind the scenes content on photo/video shoots.
  • Plan out shoots for artists and brands:
    • Build out treatments: theme, concept, schedule, shot list, props, timeline, budget and delivery schedule.
    • Create concepts and themes for projects.
    • Produce content with a common theme/brand.
    • Confidently deliver final product.
  • Curate collections of photos and videos for social media platforms, blogs, and websites.
  • Branding different projects through photo, video and design.
  • Coming up with new and exciting campaigns and ideas for social media platforms, tour announces, digital stunts, press outlets, etc.
  • The ability to communicate and interact face to face with different clients, management groups, and labels in both a meeting and on photo/video shoot setting.
  • Proficiency and knowledge in the following social platforms:
    • Instagram.
    • Snapchat.
    • Facebook.
    • Twitter.

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