Digital Administration Analyst

BMI | Nashville, TN

Posted here July 8

Job Description

Leverage organizational, technical, and communication skills to manage the delivery of Digital Licensing Administration Services. The individual will be directly involved in all aspects of delivery, which include but are not limited to account management, royalty claiming, income analysis, invoice tracking, distribution production oversight, custom reporting, and ad-hoc reporting. The individual will apply knowledge of BMIs distribution & performance data – what exists where, and in what format, and the different tools needed to interact with it, in order to provide insights and recommendations that inform business decisions and process engineering. The ideal candidate will have knowledge of the digital audio marketplace, experience in music rights management and royalty accounting, and a balanced portfolio of skills that includes data querying, analysis, and client communication.

Functions of the job


  • Manage extensive ad hoc/offline distribution processing. This includes distribution file creation, file management, data archiving, and quality assurance.

  • Interface with Performance ID, IT, and Administration teams to coordinate and optimize efficiency of the Administration Services production schedule.

  • Create and maintain production checklists to mitigate risk and provide quality assurance.

  • Coordinate the issuance and receipt of invoices generated by BMI’s Administration Services service offerings.

  • Manage and maintain key applications that drive Administration Services distributions

  • In partnership with department leadership, devise and execute distribution plans for digital licenses where no music use reports are available, and competitive proprietary models are essential. Ensure BMI’s approach is consistent, compassionate, and logically robust.

  • Understand all aspects of the BMI distribution supply chain, including data structures, business processes, and distribution methodologies.


  • Continuously analyze key metrics of the digital audio sector to identify trends, both for quality assurance and insights; develop new means of enriching institutional knowledge of the digital marketplace.

  • Analyze client distributions to identify trends and variances; provide insights that will inform client earning’s guidance and quarterly reviews.

  • Analyze consumption across major digital platforms to identify trends, variances, and abnormalities that might influence internal methodologies and client guidance.

  • Understand the interaction of different systems and the data that feeds them; identify opportunities for process improvement.

  • Provide data and analysis to support new and renewed digital licensing agreements.

Reporting and Client Relations:

  • Generate quarterly reconciliation reports for Admin Service clients; work to continuously improve this competitive deliverable so that it’s best-in-class.

  • Provide customized reporting for larger affiliates requiring distribution data points in formats or fields not currently available through BMI’s formal royalty accounting statements.

  • In partnership with the Administration team, provide hands-on technical support to larger publisher affiliates to ensure BMI distribution data is being properly analyzed and processed.

Other Requirements:

  • As required, support discussions and communications with BMI Clients.

  • Support various business initiatives and projects as it relates to data analysis and reporting.

  • Participate in continuous process improvement to ensure departmental efficiencies are identified, implemented and maintained.

  • Regular attendance.

  • Other duties as assigned.

  • Supports our BMI Core Values and cultivates a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Position Qualification Requirements


  • Bachelor’s Degree; requisite experiences preferred over specific field of study.

  • Understanding of BI and Data Warehouse Database Concepts.


  • Minimum two (2) years with related experience and/or a combination of the required technical skills listed below:

    • Query scripting

    • Account management

    • Production control

    • Working experience with various BI Reporting Tools

  • Demonstrated experience in analysis, preparation and presentation of data required

  • Demonstrated ability to explore and quickly grasp technologies, data models and business processes

  • Advanced proficiency with Microsoft Office suite with an emphasis on Excel and Access.

  • Familiarity with music industry preferred

Skills and Abilities:

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

  • Creativity

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills; ability to effectively communicate with technical and non-technical audiences

  • Results driven

  • Attention to detail; strong organization and project management skills

  • Ability to manage multiple projects

  • Relationship skills

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