Digital Content Manager

Tennessee Performing Arts Center | Nashville, TN

Posted here July 1

Goal & Position Overview

Builds and maintains sophisticated digital media footprint, both on location and online, by developing, photographing, filming, and editing multi-media content to promote institutional messaging and support ticket sales for the Tennessee Performing Arts Center and War Memorial Auditorium as part of a fresh, relevant, engaging and cohesive content strategy.


  1. To promote Tennessee Performing Arts Center and War Memorial Auditorium programming and institutional branding via the creation of fresh, relevant, and engaging digital content.

  2. To coordinate with internal and external parties to ensure timely, informative, and creative messaging through TPAC and WMA social media platforms, websites, on campus digital signage systems, and e-newsletters.

  3. To serve as a producer, videographer, and editor of original and/or exclusive programming.

  4. To work within Communication and Community Relations and Marketing departments to develop and implement – taking concepts from script to screen – a unique, branded media strategy to support ticket sales for all TPAC and WMA programming, with specific focus on themes from the annual Broadway series.

  5. To work within Communication and Community Relations, Marketing, Education and Development departments to develop and implement – taking concepts from script to screen – a unique, branded media strategy to support institutional messaging and fundraising initiatives.

  6. To serve as creative and passionate force dedicated to generating sales and informed of emerging opportunities in video production, editing, and distribution technologies.

  7. To work with industry and community partners (i.e. entertainment media channels, partner websites, local television, in-room downtown hotel television, and the arts community in general) to broaden reach with these initiatives.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Works closely with Marketing, Communication, Creative Services, Information Technology (IT), Education, Development, Programming & Sales, Event Services, and external entities to increase exposure for TPAC and WMA programming, education initiatives, sponsors, and the institution as a whole

  2. Enhances user experience on TPAC and WMA websites and social platforms through the creation of engaging video, audio and GIF content.

  3. Produces, films (both on-site and offsite), edits, and distributes high-quality video, motion graphics and audio content to support TPAC and WMA social media calendar, ticket sales and institutional goals; on-camera and voiceover talents a plus

  4. Produces, films, edits, and helps distribute The Attic Sessions episodes. Audio engineering and recording skills is a plus

  5. Localizes TV and Radio spots for TPAC and WMA programming and distributes to local media channels

  6. Creates and presents digital content related to sponsorship fulfillment

  7. Creates and manages all graphic and audio/video content for on-campus digital signage systems including: front entrance marquee, venue entryway displays, front entrance LED “blades,” the big wall projector and lobby music players, and maintains these software systems with internal and external support

  8. Oversees presentation of on-campus digital signage content for resident company events (Nashville, Ballet, Nashville Opera and Nashville Repertory theatre)

  9. Performs daily oversight of all on-site digital signage systems to monitor their proper functionality and ensure content is consistent with TPAC and WMA brands

  10. Assists in development of communication strategies and marketing plans for TPAC and WMA programming

  11. Works closely within department to assist in the strategy and monitoring of content for TPAC and WMA’s online and social platforms

  12. Continually seeks opportunities to extend digital media engagement by monitoring trends in technology, customer behavior and media usage, tracking audience reaction, and strategizing for growth

  13. Maintains ongoing dialogue within department and with Tech/IT departments to ensure equipment is secure, up to date, and functioning properly

  14. Oversees day-to-day activities, goals, and achievements of interns and/or assistants brought on to accomplish collective goals; ability to manage active intern program is vital to this role

  15. Fulfills photography needs as assigned, including TPAC ID Photos and special occasions.

  16. Abides by the TPAC Social Media Policies and branding guidelines.

  17. Participates in creation of accurate annual budget

  18. Has a thorough understanding of any allocation of the TPAC budget designated for funding programs associated with this position’s responsibilities

  19. Maintains awareness of the status of budget items at all times allowing timely recognition and reporting of variances (past or present) to the Business Office for proper handling in the re-forecast process

  20. Notifies supervisor immediately of any impending non-trivial variance (revenues or expenses) as soon as they become apparent

The above listed duties are not all inclusive. This position is expected to perform other work related duties as assigned even though they may not be considered primary duties.

Qualifications & Requirements

Experience Required

Bachelor’s degree from a four‑year college or university; and at least three years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience. This person should have significant experience with camera filming, video editing and after effects. The candidate must be a self-starter, great collaborator, articulate communicator, and a team player.

Skills and Knowledge Required

  1. Proficient with Mac and Microsoft Office

  2. Proficient with Adobe Premiere and/or Final Cut HD Pro (Version 7) with video and audio editing skills

  3. Proficient with Adobe After Effects & Adobe Photoshop with motion graphics and graphic design skills

  4. Excellent verbal and written communicator

  5. Demonstrates ability to successfully manage multiple projects simultaneously and meet deadlines

  6. Supervisory skills as they relate to projects and possible internships

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