Director of Merchandising and E-Commerce

Big Machine Label Group | Nashville, TN

Posted here June 25

Essential Job Functions

  • Execute the development and evolution of the merchandising program
  • Act as liaison between label and artist management
  • Create merchandise for label and artists resulting in revenue opportunities with strong focus on the following areas:
  • Maintain artist Direct to Consumer
  • Product launches, design and manufacture pre-order bundles
  • Develop VIP experiences
  • Coordinate art and product line for retail    
  • Handle daily communication/requests with clients
  • Manage internal communication
  • Schedule asset delivery with internal/external areas to meet deadlines.
  • Compile monthly/quarterly reports
  • Interact and support internal departments while keeping updates current
  • Oversee special projects, including pop up stores and special events
  • Update active projects on weekly basis
  • Lead strategic plans
  • Oversee and understand ecomm position
  • Ability to advise and lead E-commerce team
  • Experience with Digital Marketing and keen interest
  • Create and maintain an online business plan
  • Provide analytic reports of online sales
  • Ability to effectively manage time and individually prioritize multiple tasks
  • Ensure customer experience is positive
  • Facilitate all art and marketing tools internally and externally
  • Monitor inventory
  • Collaborate with others to create merch representing the brand while generating revenue
  • Ensure merchandising supports the e-commerce financial plan and also aligns with campaigns, music trends, and branding
  • Partner with clients to understand the customer requests and reduce return rates, engage shoppers, and guide them to the supply
  • Develop weekly, monthly, and quarterly recaps that analyze the brand’s performance compared to the prior year while planned performance being a key component for making future business decisions.


  • Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Excel, Outlook
  • Operate with outstanding communication skills, written and verbal
  • Analytical and understands business revenue models (P/L Experience)
  • Perform with deep knowledge of e-commerce best practices including competitive strategies, marketing, and industry trends
  • Perform duties with high level technical skills

Other Skills/Abilities

  • Speak to large and small groups
  • Resolve issues and anticipate last minute needs
  • Submit weekly expenses, travel and entertainment invoices
  • Nurture industry relationships

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